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Dr. Nicole N. Benton & Associates
Founder & CEO

Dr. Nicole N. Benton is a Licensed Professional Counselor and the CEO of NNK 4 L.I.F.E. who specializes in Trauma, Depression, Anxiety and Alcohol and Drugs Relapse Prevention and Recovery. Dr. Benton provides services through her practice NNK 4 Living Independently For Excellence (L.I.F.E.) and her non-profit the Reconciliation Movement. She has over 20 years’ experience working in community mental health, crisis and emergency services. She works with couples, veterans, human trafficking and prison reform in addition to community advocacy for mental health awareness and intervention. Dr. Benton loves Lifestyle and Career Counseling. She is versatile with Clinical and Faith-Based Counseling as well as helping clients find purpose in life and in their careers. As a Certified Mental Health Integrated Medicine Provider, Dr. Benton has added holistic care to her practice in 2019.

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We would like to hear from you!  Since the pandemic, the rise of depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and suicide has caused the need for mental health to explode.  Group therapy and education is essential due to people coming together for a common purpose and learning that they are not alone. If you are interested in being apart of a Group Experience, let us know... We are planning for you!