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I'm the Founder of Wholistic Wellness, NNK 4 L.I.F.E, Reconciliation Movement and The Helpers Company (THC)

My goal in Wholistic Wellness as an Integrative Mental Health Professional is to provide products and services for the mind, body and spirit.  As a mental health practitioner,  I found the need for a more holistic approach to preventing and healing  serious mental health issues. I've learned over the years that the mind, body and spirit have to be in line with one another for complete wellness.


Over the last (7) years, I developed three companies and a non-profit for the  same purpose, but with different approaches.  Wholistic Wellness is for products and fitness services geared towards wellness for the mind, body and spirit.   NNK 4 L.I.F.E is for professional counseling and life coaching.  Reconciliation Movement is a 501c3 non-profit  outreach platform to bring awareness to communities in the areas of mental health, prison reform, human trafficking advocacy and overall wellness in recovery from  trauma. Last, The Helpers Company (THC) is an educational service that provides assessments, education and guidance for the use of Marijuana for Mental Health.  

My passion for healing and developing purpose in others also led me to become a chaplain in order to assist others in their growth spiritually.  My book Seven: Sin, Character & Responsibility is a look into a way to change the foundation of unwanted behaviors from a spiritual perspective.  It is my hope that all people seeking holistic wellness will find passion and purpose in life.  

Dr. Nicole N. Benton, LPC, CCMHC, CMHIMP, CPCS, Chaplain

Holistic Mental Wellness Specialist & Coach

Explore Wholistic Wellness With Me & Community Partners

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Wellness Works Workshops & Events

We have yearly events through The Reconciliation Movement, Inc (501c3) that promotes wellness in the areas of Fitness, Women's Health, Men's Health and Trauma Awareness for Families.

Alongside, community partners our in house fitness specialist and partner, Darlene Shanta of Born 2 Be Fit & Stretched has FREE monthly events at Wheeler Park (April to November) in Conyers, GA every 2nd Saturday from 10am to 11am.  She also offers many services for your wellness needs Click Here.

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Hosting & Speaking

Dr. Nicole Benton, LPC has years of experience hosting social awareness events, in addition to providing and participating in performing arts with purpose. She has performed in singing, acting and dancing since she was (7) years old. Dr. Benton has done spoken word performances where she was known as Victorious and in motivational speaking as Victoriously Speaking.  She has also  hosted/co-hosted syndicated radio and podcast shows.  From monologues to captivating audiences in spirit and in truth, she is excellent in educating and entertaining (edutainment). 


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Corporate Development and Training

Business Development has been a long time favorite of Dr. Nicole Benton.  She has worked with small and large organizations, schools and government agencies for the last 21 years providing writing services for policies and procedures, consulting, Quality Assurance and training in all things social services, including Wellness Education and Training for Mental Health. 

Mental Health Counseling & Life Coaching

The Helpers Company (THC)

The Helpers Company (THC), LLC is a company that provides consulting, counseling, coaching and education for the medicinal use of marijuana in mental health.  All clients must receive a one-time consultation to assess the best products and services for their needs. Just go to Plans and Pricing and click on Holistic Health to schedule your consultation now...


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